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Cost-Effective Services

Everything is expensive these days, and figuring out cost-effective transportation can be tricky. However, motorcoaches are a smart choice, due to competitive rates and impeccable customer service. Additionally, several amenity options are available that provide lots of extras for our passengers.

Tailored to Your Needs

Each of our coaches are customer-specific, making it possible for you to get the coach that precisely meets your needs. There are slightly smaller coaches available for those that don’t need to carry as many passengers, but we also have bigger rides that accommodate up to 57 passengers at a time. Where else can you pay one flat rate and seat that many people? This is cost-effectiveness at its best!


When you’re traveling, there are so many details to coordinate for transportation alone, especially if you’re planning for a group. Motorcoaches combine cost-effectiveness and convenience. Instead of having to make multiple arrangements for taxis, subway tickets or light rail fares to cover your trip, consider reserving a coach. See what competitive pricing and impeccable service looks like when you ride with us!

More Bang for Your Buck

Choosing a coach for transportation needs is a no-brainer when it comes to comparing expenses. When operating a personal vehicle, there are several consistent maintenance costs, gas, and the occasional repairs that can sometimes significantly impact one’s pocketbook. Because cities and districts that purchase coaches are able to offer inexpensive tickets or discounted monthly passes, riders save significantly in gas alone! Additionally, it’s possible to go green with environmentally-friendly models, while also removing several cars from the roads. More efficient AND effective…all the way around!


Did you know that our coaches come with the option of several additional amenities? You can customize your coach to include a bathroom, bike rack, TV screens, power and Wi-Fi, as well as individual reading lights and air-flow control for each passenger. Where else can you get such attention-to-detail for every rider’s comfort at a competitive, all-inclusive priced rate?

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Cost-Effective Experts

One of the great things about a motorcoach is that it combines seating for several people into one flat rate. If you’re trying to move a big group, there is no better way to go! However, just because one coach can carry up to 57 passengers doesn’t mean comfort has to be sacrificed. We pay attention to every detail during construction, aiming for satisfaction, enjoyment, and safety for all of our riders. We want to give you a great return in exchange for one flat rate!

Highest Safety Rating

We pride ourselves on delivering our customers the safest possible travel experience every time they step foot on a Hotard Coach. We have a strong commitment to your safety that is woven into every practice in our business. From our award-winning maintenance program to the priority we place on driver training programs, we live, breathe, and deliver safety day-in and day-out. We are proud to consistently be awarded the highest safety honors that the Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration offer. Click here to see our rating now.

Green Transportation

At Hotard, our commitment to the environment runs deep. Our company is grounded in the belief that what we leave behind for our children is every bit as important as what we accomplish today. Every day we take hundreds of cars off Louisiana roads and deliver the highest passenger miles per gallon of any means of group transportation. We are consistently leading the transportation industry toward a greener tomorrow.

Professional Drivers

Our driver pool is one of the things we are most proud of at Hotard. We have some of the south’s most accomplished and highly-trained drivers on the roads today. We know that your driver matters, whether you’re being picked up at the airport and taken to a local hotel, or if you are going on a 6-day road trip. We are proud that our drivers are the face of our organization and know that no matter who you ride with, you’re in good hands!

24 -Hour Travel Support

No matter how much we want everything to go perfectly, no matter how well we prepare, there are those moments where you simply need help and you need it now! And no matter how much we wish they didn’t, it seems like more often than not, these things happen in the middle of the night. Our team understands that you need help when you need it, not in the morning when someone gets in to the office. Our team of dedicated customer service representatives will always have someone there to take your call, answer your question, and get you the help you need to ensure your travels with us are as perfect as we can make them.

We are here to show you what impeccable customer service and great pricing looks like!

Don’t take our word for it!

  • “I attended JazzFest for the first time and used the shuttle service from Marconi Park. I could not be more thankful for the promptness and courtesy shown by your employees.”

  • “Sharon... you have no idea how happy I was with Paul the bus driver. He was not only personable, but a great person overall. Thanks for everything...I am keeping all paperwork for the next time down.

    Peggy Bayside Academy
  • “Just wanted to say thanks for the great transportation service to our event. I wanted to let you know that the buses were prompt and your two drivers were excellent.”

  • Percy was awesome! He was early/on time every time we needed him.  Great bus driver!

    Amy G. Volleyball Coach
  • We were absolutely delighted with our driver, Denise, and Hotard's punctual service, willingness to improvise, spotless equipment and more.  Our Garden District guide, Mary Eshenour, was delightful, informative and very knowledgeable.  Everything worked to perfection, and I would not hesitate to recommend Hotard to any group visiting New Orleans. And it was a pleasure working with our sales person as well!

    Dave B.
  • The service you all provided this weekend was EXCELLENT and one of the best I have ever worked with. Hotard was very thorough and prompt with the booking and scheduling process and our three drivers, Darrell, John and Leonard were timely, friendly and very adaptable.   It is people like you that make our trips so successful. Thank you for this! I look forward to working with you all again when we travel to Louisiana again soon.

    Sarah G. Director of Football Operations
  • What a fabulous bus!  Your company has now spoiled us.  The bus was great.  We can't wait until our next trip.  Thelma Alexander was an excellent driver.  Her patience and professionalism with a group of "young" ladies is superb.

    Carole B.
  • Thanks for helping make our daughter's event wonderful!  The bus was wonderful and Brandon was awesome! I will definitely recommend your company.

    Cindy S.

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